p align=”center”>Eightcell's Steampunk Photoshopped Wii

Mr Hayden found some rather well done photomanipulations of how certain popular gadgets and toys of today might look if they were given a more Steampunk feel to their look.  Over at the somethingawful.com site, there’s a small but lovely collection by Eightcell including a Nintentdo DS, Wii, Wiimote and an Apple Ipod, all given a dark wood, brass and valve look.  Does it say something about me that I instantly recognised the source of the murky orange tube on the left there?  (Source image probably inspired by the Weta rayguns, I believe.)  I’d certainly prefer to have a Steampunk looking Wii and Wiimote, than the (admittedly very sleek) white that it is presently.

Very well found, Mr Hayden, and to the mysterious Eightcell creator – very well done indeed!  You have an excellent eye.