AlexCF's Chrono Displacement Device

The Temporal Council (est. 1845) owes its existance to the work of the original Time-Traveller, Lord Arabast Smythe and his time interfering device.  Admittedly constructed by a benevolent alternate dimentional version of Lord Smythe and gifted to his less academic self, our Lord Smythe used the device on many adventures and became the foremost time traveller of his, ahem, time.  Devices such as the one above were eventually created – a beautiful (if somewhat elaborate) example of the Chrono-Interpositionists art.

Yes, this is yet another stunning piece by AlexCF of Many Dead Things – a commision piece for the Solaris Publishing Group for use on the front cover of their upcoming Steampunk Anthology – Extraordinary Engines!  So, not only a beautiful item (with a wonderful backstory, Alex – you could fuel a room full of authors yourself) but an excellent sounding book for it to grace the cover of!  I look forward to not only reading stories from luminaries such as Mr Moorcock, Mr Di Filippo and Mr VanderMeer, but to have a professional photograph of one of Mr AlexCF’s pieces of art to gaze at between short stories.  You excel yourself, Alex – though I hope you are giving Victorian-Science generated wormholes the respect they deserve!