Posted by on November 21st,2007

Datamancer's Beautiful Steampunk Laptop

Mr Datamancer, creator of many beautiful things not least of which are Steampunk keyboards that defy mundanity, has finished what must be his masterwork – the Steampunk Laptop.  From its glass lidded frame, neath which nestle innumerable cogs of shiny brass, to the tiny lions foot corners – every inch of this extensively re-cased laptop has had the hand of a craftsman taken to it.

There are speakers hidden under black lined violin-style sound holes, there’s a ratcheted wind up key for turning it on (think Tik Tok in Return to Oz, perhaps?) and there’s a beautiful quill-style stylus for using on the golden coloured touchpad.

It is a delight, and I’m most definitely not the only one to think so – Mr Datamancer has been featured in many highly thought of places – not least of which are Newsweek and the NY Times.  Congratulations, Doc – you’ve done very well and deserve praise for a most beautiful creation!

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