Pac-Gentleman by Doktor A - A Steampunk Arcade machine toy

Doktor A has created some beautiful, wonderful, quirky heavily-modified vinyl toys in the past with a lovely cartoony Steampunk feel to them (Mr Wells Time Machine, an Incendiary Automaton, and a Mechanised Admiral) so it should come as no surprise to hear that the good Doktor is having his own show!

Entitled ‘Spit and Polish’ and running at the Cardboard Spaceship venue in Santa Cruz, Doktor A’s event will display not only the marvellous Pac-Gentleman above (more on him later) but other Steampunk wonders such as the Air-Kraken-Proof Aethernaut Suit, the Cloud Challenger Balloon, and the Hermetic Hermit!

But you must be wondering about the above creation (if you’ve not read of it already elsewhere – he is the darling of the internet currently) – the Pac-Gentleman coin operated clockwork amusement.  Though only about 8 inches tall, this should be seen as a replica of the original 1880 device said to force the mint to create more thrupny bits to keep up with the demand!  Messers Clyde and Binky can be seen with their trademark moustaches, chasing the hero of the piece around a most terrible maze.  Thank you Anna, Chuck, Sarbolas, Mr Saunders, TransconaSlim, Mr Fishwick and Jilder.  Good luck with your show, Doktor A!