Steampunk Dalek by Promus-Kaa on DeviantArt

Ms Lyssie Algorithim confesses to being a Doctor Who fan, and I can empathise – while it’s only the most recent Doctors that has really caught my attention (having grown up with the 8th Doctor on my television) I know there’s a lot more to it, and that fans have not so much been transfixed by the show, but inspired in spades.

Above, is the work of DeviantArtist Promus-Kaa, and is one of a series of Steampunk reimaginings of the iconic Doctor Who characters. As well as the above dalek, there’s a cyberman, the highly advanced robotic-dog K-9, and a TARDIS (time machine in the shape of a British police box). Interestingly, he also had a go at an Art-Deco dalek too. Oh, and if you’re curious, apparently the backgrounds for many of these pictures are care of GeneralVyse, who does some impressive WW1 era uniforms and illustrations. Thank you Ms Algorithim and Mr Swinehart!