The Bio-Aetheric Laboratory - Frankenstein-Inspired Steampunk Creation

AlexCF (who has made too many wonderful things to mention) has just finished his latest masterwork – the Bio-Ætheric Laboratory.  From a world where Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein was closer to the truth than polite society would like to believe, this mobile laboratory of shamed and shunned Doctor Belacleese contains some of the artifacts of his gruesome trade and obsession.  Utilising the very life-force of the poor and desperate, the ‘good’ Doctor exploited the Victorian fear of death to fund his re-animation research – resulting in the above moving, twitching, ‘living’ ape arm, now rotting from decades of unlife.

As well as the arm, the laboratory contains dissecting tools, syringes, unidentified biological liquids and detailed notes and diagrams.  More pictures from the forum thread, or from Alex’s own page.  Stunning, dark and wonderful – a triumph of skill.

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