Water-Cooled Steampunk PC

Posted by on September 24th,2007

Watercooled Steampunk PC by Korko_czong

Oh what a beautiful, well crafted babbage-related machine this is!  From the Mod-Planet forum (in Polish?), in a thread entitled “Steampunk FTW!”, forum member Korko_Czong has made this wonderful, beautiful brass and wood PC case that is water cooled and glows in a most disarming manner.

It’s a stunning piece of functional work – the pipes on the top actually do transmit the cooling liquid, though from what I can gather from the garbled online translation I think the guages are ornamental.  I may be wrong though.  There are a great many more images on that thread, both finished and in progress.  My hat is off to the gentleman who made it – I hope he is exceptionally proud of his creation!  I believe he’s looking to other PC accessories now for his next project, but how can he top that!  Thanks to Mr Epp (for spotting this on BoingBoing) and Mr MagnusApollo on the Steampunk Forum!