Mr Dantes’ Skypirate Costume

Posted by on September 16th,2007

Mr Dante's Skypirate Steampunk Costume

Mr Dantes, of the forum and DeviantArt, has created this most marvellous of Steampunk costumes! With a brass breastplate, back-mounted Aetheric Generator and really rather formiddable looking gun – this is a gentleman (or rather, a well spoken scoundrel) who would trawl the skies for tea and plunder in a Steampunk world. I very much admire the skill and detail that has gone into this – there are hinged pocket covers on the breastplate so that the pocketwatch may still be used, for example.

I’d recommend looking at the two links above for more pictures, in particular the aetheric generator has been cunningly crafted and has a wonderful blue glowing unnatural look to it that you don’t expect to see without a hefty special effects budget. In fact, the whole set itself looks like a hero-quality movie/film costume – it certainly wouldn’t look out of place on a suitably steamy set somewhere. Very well done, Mr Dantes – and good luck for the future, particularly your costume making commissions!