House on the Rock, so much wonder that purely by accident some of it comes out Steampunk

On wonderous joy – while I’m sure a large and happy proportion of the aethernet knows about The House on the Rock, it had managed to slip under my consciousness like a naughty child beneath a tablecloth.  But no longer – thanks to Mr Vernian Process, he found the most amazing collection of photographs of this place – a place filled with so much wonder and oddness that purely by accident some of it falls soundly in the realms of Steampunk.

Huge rooms of machinery with stained glass lights and shining brass drums, stairways that function as bookcases so well that it makes me terribly sad that I live in a flat/apartment, whole barbers offices done out with fantastic stoves and whole rooms of ornamental guns, eggs, masks and puppets!  My mind reels at the sheer amount of heavily emotive relics in this place – no corner left unadorned, no wall left normal and bare.  A great deal of it can’t really be said to be Steampunk, but should you adore the strange and the beautiful mind of a collector, then you’ll be in very good hands.  I imagine, that to actually visit the place in Wisconsin, US, would be akin to turning off your adult brain and letting a thousand fairytales paint the inside of your skull.