Herr Dokter’s Gramophone Styled Speakers

Posted by on September 3rd,2007

Herr Doktor's Gramophone Styled Mp3 player

Herr Dokter, Esq. of the forum recently posted about his lovely speaker modification, designed to bring to mind the gramophones of the past. Deceptively small, this hand-held contraption is made from an old car horn, a tea caddy, a scrounged crank handle, some speakers with mechanical operated volume and a tiny MP3 player nestled within!

The crank operates the volume (and was thus why mechanical volume control was required) and the speakers emit through both the perforated front, and through the horn at the back, creating an apparently warm rich combined sound that something this small should not really posess.

More pictures (including an image of the highly packed interior) at the forum thread itself. Congratulations, Herr Dokter – you should be rightly proud of this little gem! For those who prefer their gramophone-styled amplification contraptions in white ceramic, there’s also the phonophone headphones amplification device.

[Edited to correct the creators name from ‘Doktor’ to the correct ‘Dokter’.  Apologies Dokter!]