The Torch of St Dismus, or a Steampunk version of the Hand of Glory

Mr Hildebrandt was asking some very odd questions on the forum some time ago, and I believe we’ve now found out why!  Above is the ‘Torch of Saint Dismus‘ – or rather a Steampunk prop version of the ‘Hand of Glory‘, an artifact with many different powers attributed to it but one in particular is the creation of invisible light!  It was believed that the light could only be seen by the holder, and thus the object was of great use to those who skulk in shadows.

The Torch of Saint Dismus is what might have arisen if a far more technologically inclined Victorian scientist wanted to create one for himself (or a very dear friend) but lacked the hand of a hanged man nor was entirely too trusting of superstitious folklore.  Mr Hildebrandt actually constructed it using the lone foot of a rabbit that had apparently been in his basement for many years, and decided to put it to use rather than throw it away.  UV and IR lighting systems (IR being an ‘invisible light’), and an impressive casing, and you have quite possibly the most peculiar torch that one could possess!  (No supernatural pun intended.)  Very well done indeed, Mr Hildebrandt.

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