Erin William's Replacement Parts, artpiece - a Steampunk organ replacement?

Remaining on the topic of biological Steampunk creations, Mr Branwyn wrote to point out the beautiful and faintly morbid artwork from Virginia based artist Ms Erin Williams.  Two pieces that stand out in my mind, are the delightfully old looking (and downright dangerous seeming) humor regulation set, with an extraction unit should you find yourself with an excess of phlegm, and individual syringes for topping up such fluids as control melancholy and sanguine natures.  Admittedly, the humor theory had lost a lot of weight by the 17th Century, but the objects themselves look very late Victorian with a mix of brass, enamel and latex.

The other piece, the one above, is the Organ Replacement – a stunning harnessed object that drips with Steampunk styling!  A replacement liver and heart, made of copper, brass, leather, flint and an electronic heartbeat – this is quite marvellously just what you’d imagine a desperate Steampunk inventor-surgeon constructing for these most put upon of organs.  Wonderful stuff, and more to see if you take a look – I’ve only mentioned my two favourites.  Thank you so much, Mr Branwyn!