Starcross, the Steampunk sequel to the young persons novel, Larklight

Oh good grief yes – a while ago I read the book, Larklight by Philip Reeve (and David Wyatt) and found it to be utterly marvelous! A rip roaring Steampunk adventure of brave young upstanding members of the British Empire thrown into adventure when giant space spiders kidnap their aetherfish studying father from their rambling space dwelling, the titular Larklight. To put it mildly – I thought it was fantastic in every sense of the word!

So, my excitement is great and my anticipation hightened to read that the sequel, Starcross, will be out on the 1st (or 16th) of October of this year, and follows the terrible trials that face Art and friends when their holiday takes a turn for the worse in the asteroid belt, involving some terribly devious headwear! Will our hero, his sister and their piratical friend triumph in adversity? Find out in “Starcross”, or “The Coming of the Moobs!” or “Our Adventures In The Fourth Dimension! A Stirring Tale of British Vim upon the Seas of Space and Time!”. Also, Warner Brothers have ‘optioned’ the series for making as movies – that’d be something to see, and perhaps the Steampunk film I’ve been hoping for! (Starcross: UK/US Amazon. Larklight: US/US Amazon. These links are affiliated, just so it’s not thought that I’m trying to hoodwink anyone or be unscrupulous.)