The Dollar Dreadful Family Library

Posted by on August 5th,2007
Dollar Dreadful - collections of Steampunk stories and adventures!

Ah, the Penny Dreadful was a wonderful idea – cheap and cheerful installments on the worst quality paper bringing adventure and thrilling tales to anyone with a 19th Century penny to spare.  Around about the same time, the dime novel would bring a similar system to the USA.  And now, in a much belated return there is the Dollar Dreadful!

  • THRILL!  At the tales of Doctor Octavius Watt and his pneumatic, handcrafted, mechanical wife!
  • MARVEL!  At the adventures that befall the owner of the skeleton key in the lands of the dead!
  • WONDER!  At the cunning mysteries that the blindingly clever Dressmakers association unravel!

There are previews to download, and I’m informed that the online shop will be open by the turn of the month (they’ve sold out at the moment because of the MoCCA Art Fest of New York).  So if you’ll feel like reading ripping yarns of the subjects above, or the upcoming stories like “A Mighty Fine Swine and the Truffle Hunters!” or a culinary mystery so tasty it’ll have you salting your screen, then this may be just the place for you.  If not, then surely you can admire the Steampunk site design, as I do – it’s really wonderfully tongue-in-Victorian-cheek.  Thank you to Wilhelm and TDR for answering my questions!