Doctor Grordbort's Directory - Steampunk Weta Comic

Please, if you value your speaking parts, do not try to read the title of this post out loud three times fast.  I’ll not be responsible for suffocating fits caused by tied tongues!  But enough of that – Weta are at it again and this time they’ve not only revealed a new raygun*, but they intend to release a directory of arcane inventions, contraptions and weaponry!  It features their own rayguns in pride of place, but their own take on the Steampunk world has far more content than just that – vibrating chairs that may cause unexpected spasms (but that automatically redirect any vaporous emissions you may create while perched upon it), heavy steam walkers for subjigating Mars from, and I’m sure much more.  There’s even an adventure in comic form from Lord Cockswain!  I look forward to that.

The new raygun is the concealable Victorious Mongoose.  They advise that the ladies may conceal it in a garter holster – oh that we live in an age when a lady must conceal a disintegrator beneath her skirts!