Nano-Mechanical Babbage Engines

Posted by on July 30th,2007

Nano-Mechanical Babbage Difference Engines

That Mr Babbage was a remarkable man, and while the Difference Engine was not completed in his lifetime, he (and his creations) still inspire the most cutting edge of technology today.  The BBC has an article on how a team lead by Professor Blick, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, propose to use diamond or piezoelectric parts to create mechanical computers on the nanometer scale – thus avoiding the ever encroaching limit of silicon based miniturisation.  It will run cooler and will require less power, it will be more robust in areas of high temperature, as well as being able to pack far more of these little components in the same space.  Bodes well, and I wish them fortune!  Thank you, Messers Chuck and Metis!