Quell, the Steampunk Vespa

Posted by on July 12th,2007

Honky-Tonk Dragon's Steampunk Vespa, Quell.

Who would have thought that a dragon’s preferred mode of transport would be a Vespa, but so it is – and this particular Vespa (named Quell) has been given a custom paint job to give it a very intricate, Steampunk, wood and brass effect!  The Honky-Tonk Dragon has posted innumerable photographs of both the process and the end results – with more closeups than you can shake a stick at (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3).  There’s detail shots of the side furnace painting, the internal tesla-coil powered ignition effect and the scroll-work that if you squint just right appears to spell out the word Quell – hence the name.  I’d love for there to be some more pictures in future, as the flash on a camera is a harsh mistress on occasion (and especially at night) but time was short.  Very well done, Mr Dragon – you deserve that grin beneath your mustache!