Stunning Japanese Steampunk Watches

Posted by on July 9th,2007

Stunning Steampunk Watch -

Oh good grief. BoingBoing netted a most eyepleasing link today to a Japanese site displaying the watches of Haruo Suekichi that just cry out Steampunk (or should that be ????????) with every rivet, brass wire, spring, and grain of patina. They are utterly stunning – the movements themselves may not be the feature here, but the surrounds – wrist clamping springs, finger mounted claws and even peculiar pocket watches. The original site linked is here, and if you are in any way like me in your preferences, you will both despair and feel guiltily glad that these items are not currently for sale (actually, according to the interview, they’re not that expensive, hmm). The Google translated page is linked here, you may find some of the descriptions even in their mangled state help understand what is going on – for example, the above watch has a secret pocket for ‘French letters‘ so that you may not be caught unprepared.

There are simply more than my feeble and overwhelmed mind can handle on this page too (which includes the ones above) and there are the occasional other odd things like lamps, little robot figures and seats. What a shop that must be to look over the collections in person. Thanks to Mr Kreidler, Mr Clary, Crabfu, Pidgeon4, Richard and Mr Saunders!