Clockwork Girl – Comic

Posted by on June 30th,2007

Clockwork Girl comic cover

Over at the Da Vinci Automata clockpunk blog, they’ve posted about an upcoming comic called Clockwork Girl.  Star crossed lovers are not a new theme, but when one of the loves is a clockwork automaton and the other a Frankenstein’s Monster styled creation, and their great scientist creators (ex-best friends) espouse their particular aspects of science as the greatest and most misunderstood – then it’s starcrossed lovers of a most Steampunk style.

The Clockwork Girl sees life with an excitement and enthusiasm that doesn’t want to be quenched, Huxley (the monsterboy) is a young man keen to see the world to hell with the cost!  It sounds like it’s going to be a desperately lovely tale and you can read an interview with lots more about it at the Comic Book Resources site (with example pages) and a little on the offical Arcana Studio site.  I do hope they prevail!