HDR photography of th Edison Bar, eecue's photostream on Flickr

It’s been a bit quiet about the Edison Bar in Los Angeles for a while, after the review from the terribly kind Ms Lev, but Mr Ginder wrote to point out the utterly heartclenchingly beautiful high-dynamic range photography from the Flickr user Dave Bullock (eecue) of the club, alive but empty. Such rich colours; dried blood red leather seating, bashed leather patterned walls, shimmering metallic brick effects and huge musty metal boilers and bolts. The HDR definitely works well for the club, giving it that rich but pleasantly unreal effect where the lights glow gently and the glass highlights give off a feeling of a 1980’s whiskey advertisment.

Just lovely, but it worries me that I can’t imagine that the usual clientele would possibly be able to compete with their surroundings. Is it just too lovely?