Problem Light - Steampunk Version

Mr Kovacich sent word of a terribly useful device that he has given the Steampunk treatment – a “Problem Light” (as seen on The Venture Brothers).  Obviously, a Problem Light is a light that goes on when there is a problem.  Any problem.  And it doesn’t actually tell you what the problem is, just that a problem exists.  Terribly helpful.  chuckles

Still, the Flickr set is almost tutorial-like in its thoroughness so if you wish to make a problem light too, then you could do much worse than taking a gander at how Mr Kovacich did this one.  It does amuse me, the concept, and I’m fairly sure if I had one, I’d be a bit confused as to whether I should turn it on or not!  Thank you, Mr Kovacich, and for future reference I actually prefer people to submit their own work – they know it best, after all.  smiles