Clockers – Steampunk Hackers

Posted by on June 16th,2007

Clockers - Script and Readings of a Steampunk version of Hackers

Clockers – Clock the Planet. Imagine a heavily clockworked British Empire, where brilliant rebels construct cunning automata to do their bidding before fleeing the scenes of their crimes. Where clockwork monkeys run riot in cotton mills, and Big Ben is the ultimate in clockwork challenges. Where Clockers can be a force of mischief, rebellion or deadly intent.

Ms Chronographia Von Strangehours has friends who have friends, who wrote a clockwork Steampunk version of that somewhat fantastical film Hackers. There’s scripts to read, and indeed some have done a reading of the script! I’ve not yet listened to it myself, but I read it and found it a rousing adventure with a lovely setting twist. I’ve have to listen some time, but it seems it would work well live-actioned too. Very well done to those involved, and thank you Ms Strangehours – most arctic.