Three Rings Office - Steampunk In the Workplace

Thank you all!  chuckles  Today Wired did a photo feature on the offices of Three Rings Design, those responsible for YoHoHo Puzzle Pirates and the significantly more Steampunk, Bang! Howdy games.  For a long while now, the design company Because We Can has been doing a complete Nautilus themed makeover of their offices – and oh it looks marvellous!

Some real treats – giant plush tentacles for lounging on (seen in the right of the photograph above), velvet covered chairs, an octopus adorned bar, custom and individually designed desks (cheaper than office cubes!) and faux hatches in the ceiling.  Utterly inspired.  I remember being told about this as a work in progress in February and promptly asking my managers why WE don’t have an office so marvellous.

I must thank: utek, Tyrell, Dr Oolon Sputnik, IceSixxx, Daniel Lehtovirta, Rob Roy, Jorge, Rob McComber, Wayne D., Kordite, Andy Archer, Ian MidWinter, Spoonman, Richard from S.F. and Virgil Disgrace!  Special thanks to Richard from SF, as he was the one who pointed it out in February, and actually knows the lovely people at Because We Can.