Ron Pippen's Artwork - Museum Boxes and Steampunk Ancestors

Sometimes I despair of reducing the size of images for posting – today is such a day because the works of Mr Ron Pippin feed my eyes until they can bear no more. Of particular interest to us, must be his utterly intoxicating museum cases and show boxes such as the one above – travelling treasure troves of the artifacts of wonder and natural science. I become lightheaded pouring over the vials of mysteriously labelled fluids and powders, scrawled in a script I cannot read. I boggle at meticulously arranged skeletal remains of moles, ducks and cats, either neatly displayed in order of size, or posed in an imitation of life surrounded by Steampunk contraptions that I dare not imagine the purposes of.

Mechanical wings, plastic piped entrails, skulls covered in tiny script, memories of 19th Century ancestors surrounded by trinkets and teeth and teabags. Jars and pumps and dials and gears and planes and dragons and oh so much more! But I love the travelling cases by far the most, I imagine that I could spend a brief lifetime staring at each part and its relationship with the others – like some Steampunk Science mandala. Sorry, I’ll go and calm down somewhere. (Seen at the Wonder Cabinet Livejournal Community).