Von Slatt’s Steampunk Monitor

Posted by on June 8th,2007

The Von Slatt Monitor - Steampunk to the hilt!

Oh Mr Von Slatt – you are the internet’s darling today and rightfully so – your monitor conversion is a beautiful item of purest Steampunk, and you are even kind enough to document your methods.  From the ingenuity of your button levers, to the sideways thinking in printing out your marble (I’d have stumbled along trying to use feathers and sponges) – you’ve done wonders with it.  I’d be greatly surprised if you’re not asked to make these for others (watch out, Mr Datamancer!) because I’m sure most people are like me when they gaze at it and look dissapointedly at their own monitors.

A beautiful mod that goes perfectly with the famed Steampunk keyboard and even the photographs set it off nicely – a Steampunk desk of anacronistic wonder lit by kerosene lamp to the sound of RSS morse feed.  Utterly wonderful – you’ve excelled yourself, Mr Von Slatt.  Thank you for sending word my way (and I did notice the page you were on for the photographs – thankyou) and thanks also to Martin van Velsen, Cylver, Glimjack, Matt B, Toru Nagisa, Bram van Zoelen, Pat Regan, Jared B, Isaac Epp, and Morten Iversen.  All greatly appreciated!