Chtulhu Spawn in a Specimen Jar, complete with accompanying documentation

It’s not usual that I’ll post something of the Cthulhu mythos, but this is most impressive and the ‘unwilling inheritor‘ responsible assures me that there will be far more Steampunk items forthcoming.  From the description…

“…a series of large trunks were sent to me from America, containing hundreds of biological samples, specimens and paraphanalia. The samples were of creatures I had never heard of, and after a little research, found that they had more in common with the esoteric ideas forwarded in the works of HP Lovercraft, August Derleth and the like. The “Cthulhu Mythos” tales of ancient wicked gods whose rule has tarnished the earth with many tentacular horrors, one of which dwells within this lot. I’d keep them, but their mere presence has conjoured many a horrifying dream, and so I must let them go.”

A leather bound case, containing the bottled unspeakable creature itself, as well as illustrative pieces, a map, accompaning documentation and a glass and brass cased piece of volcanic rock from R’lyeh itself.  Such care, and the owner is now doubt keen to get rid of the unholy item, as it appears to be up on that terribly modern equivalent of the dank and dingey antiques shop of terrible things –  This is only the most recent of his creations, there were others before it. Also, some very grisly representations of the tales of Alice in her wonderland can also be seen on the owners site – gruesome and dark indeed!