Morning Fog by George Grie, from

I was quite taken with the above image, sent to me by Mr Pinderschloss, of an old Victorian styled mansion now quite underwater with rays in the garden and old submarines haunting past the upper windows.  One of a multitude of impressive pieces (though there are few quite as Steampunk themed) images from by Mr Grie.  You’ll find a much larger version of the image above in Gallery 2 called Morning Mist, and I can recommend Arrested Expansion in Gallery 1, and Infinite Improbabilty Drive also in Gallery 2.  Some perfectly lovely stuff, a significant amount of it somewhat odd, but that is to be expected.

Thank you very much, Mr Pinderschloss – you put me on to the trail of some lovely images! (Last Harbour is rather nice too, with a very LXG inspired Nautilus-named ship in a room in a glacier.)