You may recall the downright lovely crystal adorned hollowed lightbulb from TeamDroid, well the above is a video of a creation inspired by that, called the Glow Crystal Lamp.  A hollowed lightbulb with a crystal, two LEDs, and some UV reactive solution (as well as some cunning microcontroller programming) resulted in a curiously retro light that seems to initially flicker on with a dull red hue, before sparking to life and illuminating the fluid with an eerie, etheral glow that then pulses malevolently!  (The added sound effects are lovely, but I’m sure just for the video)

I have to say that with the proper housing, this could be quite a magnificient Steampunk mad scientist’s mood/feature light, or even as a component to a larger work – either way, it cries out to be set amongst baffling dials and dark wood.  Well spotted, Mr Prowler50mil!