Papercraft Steampunk Back to the Futrure Doc Brown train

Surely this is the height of polite gentlemen rivalry? Some may know of ‘the two Jakes’ – two of the most prolific Steampunk creators that share a first name, and a rivaly to outdo the other in terms of Steampunk creation. One of them, Mr Jake Von Slatt (he of the Steampunk keyboard fame) wrote to point out the above, stunning papercraft model (and free instructions for its construction) of the time travelling train from the end of Back to the Future III. Constructed by Doctor Emmett (Doc) Brown to stand in for the famous Delorean time machine, it’s a beautiful piece of Steampunk engineering – and possibly one of Mr Jake Hildebrandt’s (he of the Telecalculograph fame) favourite things.  Darn decent of you, Mr Von Slatt, to tell me about the model, knowing that your esteemed rival would see it.  chuckles

It’s a wonderful model by Cláudio Dias, and it’s one of several on his site.  The Delorean, several models from Alice in Wonderland and Batman – it seems that there’s some form of conversion software from 3d model to papercraft.  Stunning detail!