Datamancer's Von Slatt Steampunk Keyboard

It’s a wonderful weekend for Steampunk constructions, it seems.  The above may give you a sense of deja vu – it is a ‘Von Slatt’ style keyboard, made by his aquiantance Datamancer as a comission for a customer.  Someone had sought out Von Slatt for a keyboard, but Mr Von Slatt was unable to take the job, and Datamancer more than skillfully stepped up to the challenge.  As you can see, it’s in brushed aluminium and has a very aircraft engineering feel to it.  There are also lovely little blue aircraft style lights in the top corner.

It seems Mr Datamancer is willing to create more of these, in various styles and finishes, as comission pieces for those who really must have a gloriously Steampunk keyboard.  They are not cheap, as is the case with many handcrafted items, but contacting him is a good first step to see what might be arranged for this or indeed other fabrication tasks that Datamancer might turn his hand to.  Good luck, Mr Datamancer – your keyboard is both a fitting and worthy brother to Mr Von Slatts!