nzE2WTEkHeg I was browsing Flickr today, and discovered a lovely photograph of a modern looking pedal powered airship (and it wasn’t the familiar White Dwarf Blimp that we’ve sighed over before).  A little bit of sleuthing, and the magnificience that is Zeppy the pedal-powered, golden airship, was revealed!  (Beware, the site is a little… rough around the edges.)

A French airship, they intend to cross the English Channel some time this year, perhaps June, (I could not find a firmer date, if you do please let me know) and be the first pedal powered, helium filled airship to do so.  They apparenty reach speeds exceeding 20kmph (12.5mph) and well – while that may not sound terribly fast, what I wouldn’t give to quietly pedal above the trees under a shining gold airship envelope, like a drop of liquid gold hanging impossibly in the sky.  I apologise, but personal airships are quite the Steampunk dream for me. But enough of my wistfulness!  More information and visuals – the site itself has quite a few lovely photographs, and a .wma video of delightful clarity of the airship above a glass-like water surface.  I don’t really think he’s dressed for airship travel, but I suppose the top hat would keep falling off.  sighs  Oh!  And the above video on YouTube is part 2 of 2, the previous part is here.