Atomic Sonic - two FX boxes in a more retrospective style

Mr AndyW wrote to point out the works of musical circuitsmith, Tim Kaiser of AtomicSonic.  While the majority of the works are themed too late for Steampunk, there are a few (such as the ones above) that I wouldn’t mind having sat in a bakelite enabled (1908-ish) electrically focused laboratory!

The items above are ‘FX Boxes’, and there are a few styled for wooden cases, as you’ve seen above.  Others fit inside retrofuturistic geiger counters, or have big warning lights on them, and brushed steel rollcages – so for the most part, the ‘atomic’ part of the name is very well earned indeed!  Still, lots of fun and you can hear samples of some of these custom items – quite peculiar.  Do take a look at such treasures as the Solar Theramin (also wooden encased) and the Monterery Fun FX Box!  Many thanks, Mr W!

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