Mr Huang (Crabfu) returns to possibly the best loved robot that has ever graced our consciousness – R2D2 – and manages to make him/it even better with the addition of steam power and more appropriately Steampunk livery. He brings us, R2S2 (R2 Steam Too!) (page may be a little slow today).

The pictures are stunning, the video is lovely, I particularly like the paintwork change to brass and wood panelling – a very nice touch indeed. During the making of R2S2, Mr Huang was somewhat worried about insulation and the possibilities of melting the chassis, but as you can read on his page – he overcame that problem admirably. Thank you Mr Huang for letting Brass Goggles know when R2S2 was ready, and thank you also Mr Matty, Mr Prijosoesilo, Mr Charles and Mr Malaclypse for making sure this did not go unnoticed! Between this and the earlier Steampunk Star Wars offerings, I think it’s about time someone took it up and actually did a full Steampunk Star Wars comic or similar. Wonder if they’d get permission.