Five Fists Of Science

Ok, so it’s old news to many, but I recently got the graphic novel, The Five Fists of Science. I read it today, and it was quite good fun! Started off slowly, and I had a bit of trouble telling apart some of the more minor characters (dressed as they were in near identical dark suits) but the three main characters shone out properly. Featuring Tesla, Twain and Baroness Suttner as the good guys (there are another two – but I forget them) in a plot to enforce peace – whether the silly superpowers realise they want it or not!

There are giant robots, Lovecraftian demons, inventions, phobias, crime fighting and hoodwinking of the highest caliber. I will say, I found that it got rushed, confusing and explode-y near the end, which is a shame because after the slower start, I’d started to really enjoy it.

One other thing – few reviews seem to mention the Baroness Suttner character at all – it’s as if she didn’t exist for some of them. I mean – she certainly wasn’t the larger than life Twain – or the gloriously neurotic Tesla – but she does get to apply metaphorical foot-to-backside in a giant robotic suit. I’d have thought that would have earned her a mention.

Steampunk Rating: 7.5/10