The Golden Compass – Film and Toys

Posted by on March 27th,2007


Just a quick post while I can sneak one in on my lunchbreak – a couple of people have pointed out the above amazing sizzle trailer for The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials Trilogy) film due out this year – it’s looking most interesting indeed! There’s airships and vehicular contraptions, terror, witches, polar bears (well, of a sort) and best of all – goggles! Thanks to both Andy_W, Jeremey and Mr Iversen for pointing it out! Definitely a fantasy/Steampunk cross to keep an eye out for (if you’ve not already read the books ( Of course, no big budget film would be complete without oodles of toys and other merchandise to accompany it – and the toys for The Golden Compass look quite interesting.  I’m particularly interested in the fact they plan to release child-sized props from the film (I know CuriousGoods has been keeping an eye on the compass replica) – I can only hope for some nice goggles to get my hands on.  :*: