Mr Tim Baker's Custom Prop Book

I love books – not just the contents, but as against the old saying as it is – I occasionally judge a book by it’s cover.  The above book is by a gentleman called Mr Tim Baker, and he’s a makeup artist and prop maker.  This is apparently just one of a series of 6 custom prop books that he’s doing for some mysterious project that he’s not able to speak about yet, but oh – if the above book (and the rest) are anything to go by, it’s got to be something quite special.

The books were spotted over at the Handmade Book Community at LJ, by Mr Giles, and they’re just amazing.  Follow the link to see ammonite covered books, ones with hands and dials, and the above book with moving, hinged parts!  (Apparently the movement is required for the plot of this mysterious project.)  A beautiful Steampunk book that demands interesting content.  I’d be quite intimidated if I had anything even close to that to write in.