A Restored, 4

While we’re on the topic of electricity, Mr Rice wrote to point out the beautiful Wimshurst Machine recently displayed at Bristol Dorkbot by Mr Low.  Wimshurst Machines are a type of electrostatic generator, developed sometime in the 1880’s by the inventor of the same name.

Why so interesting?  Well, they combine a few of my loves and interests in Steampunk – it features beautiful but relatively simple technology (two disks rotating close to each other), was a big step forwards in understanding at the time (the Victorian era) and last but definitely not least – it can generate big purple sparks!

There’s a very indepth page here all about the technical side of the Wimshurst Machines, and of particular interest is the tutorial aspect to it – make your own!  The links page is utterly amazing too – pictures of 2m (6.7′) diameter machines that create so much voltage, that leyden jars can’t handle it and giant copper spheres were used instead!  Lovely stuff.