Mustache Rangers

Commander Major Alastair Q. Bastidious and First Lieutenant Rutuger G. Phooneybaum, in their aluminium spaceship, plumb the depths of space in their ongoing missions from the Great Mustache for the greater glory of the American nation!  And what moustaches they have – cheer thrice for The Mustache Rangers! An improvised comedy program, with old-style phonograph style music, Steampunk technology, and adventures in the murky regions of space (sponsored by Doc Johnsons’ Olde Tyme Elixer, of course) – there’s been ten episodes so far.  I love the style, and the idea, though I found that the improv-ness of it started to embarrass me a little in the first episode (I mean really – what’s in the envelope!).  It also confuses me somewhat – it’s all about adventuring for the glory of America, and yet they say “Aluminium” and “Zed” (inconsistantly).  I am baffled, but I applaud their efforts nonetheless.  Here’s a link to the first episode of their journey – and it seems they may be sent into the very heart of a star!  Thank you, Mr McKeown!