Scientific American: 1846 to 1869

Posted by on March 8th,2007

Scientific American 1846

Wanting to catch up with the latest scientific news?  As in, latest for the mid 1800’s.  The Cornel University Library has you covered with scans of what seems to be all the issues from 1846 to 1869 – gaze in wonder at the new Viol Seraphine musical instrument, chuckle at the claims of new pavement material peddlers and shake your head in disbelief that people would attempt to create a boat propelled by electromagetic means!  And that’s just issue one.

It’s amazing to read back then, though as reader John points out – it does lapse into not-terribly impartial reporting on occasion, as in Dec 1st, 1860 when they talk about President Elect Lincoln’s Patent.  Ahem, subtle.  Really gives a good feel for the cutting edge technology of the time though – their hopes for it and what seemed impossible or all too possible at the time.  Great place to leap from for Steampunk – or you could just read the humerous sections.  *chuckles*

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