Tokyo DisneySea – Mysterious Island

Posted by on January 15th,2007

The double-spindle rock boring machine

Kind Mr M Adams found some very image heavy sites that detail the downright beautiful Verne-inspired theme park shenanigans going on in Tokyo DisneySea’s Mysterious Island. The Tokyo DisneySea park Steampunk area isn’t particularly large, but oh – it looks like such a rich marvel of beautiful craftsmanship. There are two ‘rides’ – the Journey To the Centre of the Earth one, and a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea one, and there’s a restaurant designed to look like a Steampunk geothermal power station, and a dome shaped gift shop too. It looks marvelous with a really strong distinctive style and copper and brass plates and rivets everywhere you look. If I’d known, it would most certainly have had been on my list of places to visit when I went last year, as it is – I have these excellent photographs to sigh over. Thank you, Mr Adams!