Hydropolis Underwater Base (Hotel)

Posted by on January 5th,2007


Posted a little while ago on Neatorama, the Hydropolis hotel is going to be build 20m under the sea off the coast of Dubai (yes – where the airship tour is headed). It’s apparently due to open at the end of this year, and houses many different things – from the admirable (marine biology laboratories) to the predictable (conference centres) to the dismaying (cosmetic surgery clinic), but I do like the sound of the ballroom:

“The ballroom, located at this nerve centre, will have asymmetrical pathways connecting the different storeys along ramps. A large, petal-like retracting roof will enable the staging of open-sky events. Staircases, lifts and ramps will provide access to the ballroom, while flanking catering areas will supply banquets and receptions.”

There’s talk of this being a place worthy of Jules Verne, and while I do like the idea of this underwater hotel and I’m quietly surprised that it’ll be ready at the end of this year – I have a terrible feeling that it will not be for the likes of mere mortals such as myself. Still – I hope they make Steampunk films set there!