Edouard Martinet – Sculptures

Posted by on November 28th,2006

Found metal ladybird

Mr Park found this artist‘s site chock full of interesting metal sculptures of insects, birds and fish. Mr Martinet uses found objects to construct his sculptures – assembling them without welding, and still managing to get a very solid and realistic (if you know what I mean) feel to them. This rusty ladybird (or ladybug, depending) jumped out at me as something that a Steampunk inventor might have scurrying around on his desk as a toy, trying to eat the green sleeve fabric on his patched, dusty suit jacket and being waved away impatiently.

My second favourite, must be the spider that he’s made – sitting on a web apparently constructed from shiny sink-plug chains. That conjours up a far murkier Steampunk world, where mechanical spiders rule in a factory long abandoned, weaving giant metal webs that connect crumbing chimney stacks. Nice stuff; thanks Mr Park!

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