Last Exile – Anime

Posted by on November 26th,2006

Last Exile

Mr J Gaynor reminded me about the Japanese anime, Last Exile – which has some distinctly Steampunk themes to it. Now, I’ve only watched the first episode, and I have to say that it didn’t immediately grab me and refuse to let go. I’m not sure if anime series are generally slow burners, because I often can’t justify watching multiple episodes in the hope that it’ll get better. I mean, I could – but I don’t want to inflict such uncertain observation on those that watch with me.

But despite that – it’s proven to be quite popular with others, and it certainly has a good Steampunk vibe about it. There’s young destitute heroes who fly their peculiar air-vehicle with maverick skill and courage – desperately trying to make ends meet and be able to buy the next mechanical part. One is a pilot extraordinaire, the other a brilliant mechanic and they live in a strange world of floating military bases and organised wars/deaths. Of course, that’s just the setup – it gets far bigger from there.