Bang Howdy! Mr N Barnes and Mr Q Walpole both independently sent word about a new game from the creators of Puzzle Pirates – Bang! Howdy! I had been in the beta some time ago, but abandoned it after being unable to get past the tutorial without it crashing – I submitted the bug (the duty of every tester, of course) but forgot to return to it. Foolish of me, really!

So now it’s free open beta – and the bugs have been well and truly squished (for the most part, I’m sure). The game is set in a rather cute Wild West, with you defending your territory from invading bandits and other players – it’s time to rustle cattle and stake gold claims in a turn based, persistant multiplayer strategy kind of way. As for Steampunk – they’ve got dirigible units and steam gunners (almost steam robotic artillery) to cover that base. Nice little game – and I did like Puzzle Pirates – quite innovative.