Steampunk German Motorcycle

Posted by on November 3rd,2006

Steampunk German Bike

Many thanks to DerGolgo for pointing out a German site with a most impressive looking motorcycle. While my German is worse than my Japanese (and that is saying something) DerGolgo also provided me with a run down on what’s being said – many thanks for that.

The bike was drawn in a biker comic, but the artists brother was so enamoured with it – that he brought it in to existance! From DerGolgo’s email:

“The cylinder came out of an old tractor, as did the wheels, the tires were once made for a Ford Model A and had spent several decades in storage somewhere, the seat is an actual shovel and the fork is made from forged iron and ash (wood).
Although it runs on petrol, this looks more steam-ish than most steam motorcycles. And it’s a 1440cc single-cylinder, so it goes ka-tchunk, ka-tchunk like real machinery schould, as seen ina TV report.”

Well said, that man – more things should make the ka-tchunk sound. It’s a shame the site doesn’t have more and larger photographs. *sighs* Still – lovely motorcycle, and yes – very Steampunk.

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