The Typewriter-Laptop

Posted by on October 11th,2006

Typewriter Laptop

Isn’t it stunning? This laptop conversion by MonkeyFarm (I think?) crosses a typewriter with a morse key and a Mac(?) laptop. The bell is the enter key, the scrollball is visible just behind the morsekey (the morsekey actually bends around it) and the cup things near the back are apparently the speakers.

Why all the uncertainty? Well, alas the page is not in English, and my Japanese is so bad as to be non-existant – and Google translation was more humerous than enlightening. It’s a shame, because it’s a gobsmacking piece of custom work, and it reminds me of that Cthulu Computer that I may have to do a post about soon too. Oh, and if you’re wondering, the screen folds under the bottom, I believe. More pictures on the site, and a thanks to Mr M. Snyder for the link! (In fact, thanks for all of the links, despite the doublers!)