A Steampunk Coffee House

Posted by on October 11th,2013

Our Forum User “Bolt Face” brings this lovely coverage of a Steampunk Coffee House from The Chive:

Image from The Chive

Many more images in the original article, and a discussion here on our forums.

A well-preserved clock

Posted by on October 11th,2013

This clock may not be exactly “steampunk”, but it certainly tickles the dials-and-knobs delight! Made by Roger Wood of Klockwerks (a purveyor of some lovely retro-futurist timepieces), the detailed whimsy makes me grin perhaps a little too widely.

Time in a bell-jar

[Via Boing Boing]

Described as inspired by Steampunk and Warhammer-like games, Diesel Tactics looks like an interesting project that’s still in development.Diesel Tactics game logo