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‘A backdrop of ornate, Sgt Pepperish Victoriana…A band to watch, without question’ – The Sunday Times

 “The Mutiny is as beautiful and dangerous as a Bengal tiger caught by the tail….an album that can work on so many levels because there are so many aspects to it” – Fatea

“Sunday Driver are a welcome breath of fresh air in a music scene that has been a little adrift in places over the last few years. Drift no longer, you’ve found your shaker makers.” The New LoFi

4 Stars! The Financial Times


It’s been three long years since the launch of Sunday Driver’s debut album ‘In the City of Dreadful Night’, a record that brought the band to international acclaim. Inspired by the backstreets of Kipling’s Calcutta and Gustav Dore’s dark visions of Victorian London the band created an album that was lauded by Fatea Magazine as, “A street festival distilled into music”.

Since the release of ‘Dreadful Night, Sunday Driver have added drums to their line up and much more steam and sitar to their sound. Their song writing has reached new heights of creativity and the band members are extremely excited about The Mutiny!

The Mutiny explores the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and the effect of the Raj across Indian society from every day citizens recruited to the British army to Ghandi.

The band have worked with many members of the Brassgoggles forum, and are offering Brassgoggles first heads up that their single Concubine Waltz  can be downloaded for free from bandcamp!

We’d advise jumping over to their website and picking up all 13 killer tracks!

They ship CDs to any corner of the world.