Cast Chocolate using Brown Sugar

Posted by on September 14th,2012

Well we had sex, so naturally the second great human obsession, Chocolate, had to be represented.  This has many Steampunk applications for the Steampunk Baker.  I’ve watched friends spend hours making gears out of Fondant.  Now you could just get a real gear (don’t forget to wash it and sanitize it), and make solid chocolate gears! Click here to start casting.








[Kickstarter] A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex

Posted by on September 9th,2012

An interesting Kickstarter project aiming to produce a book exploring how Victorian ideas about sex and sexuality inform our modern ideas about sex and sexuality. And, of course, they’re using the Steampunk angle as a way to have a bit of fun with it:

You can find more about the project on A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex Kickstarter page