So I’m a little shocked that our friends at Abney Park and Vernian Process did not mention to me that they will both be appearing at a venue called Steamstock on October 7th in Richmond, CA.

To be honest, I didn’t know Steamstock was even a thing until I came accross it in Steampunk Facebook Page ( Found by Clicking Here ).



Details about Steamstock can be found by going to


The latest book in the Dr. Grordbort universe is out. Created by Greg Broadmore, it’s a romp through the cosmos with Lord Cockswain..

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The 2012 Steampunk Comic-Con Party

Posted by on July 13th,2012

Sadly, we’ve had some issues logging in to make blog posts lately, but here, at the 11th hour, we’ve got it fixed and I can tell you about an event going down tonight in San Diego, should you happen to be there.


It’s called the 2012 Steampunk Comic-con Party and it will be held at the San Diego Automotive Museum.  This is to celebrate it’s new exhibit opening.  There will be light fare as well  as beverages available.  There is also some musical entertainment.  For all the details click the link below:



Steampunk Spiderman

Posted by on July 9th,2012

I have to admit, it’s a nice idea.